Online Craps

Playing Online Craps Basic Instructions

Play craps online and you will see what all of the fuss is about. This fast-paced game will keep even the most avid online casino players glued to their seats! Learn how to play online craps and get in on the fun today. Learn how to play this easy, quick game that is always a blast to play.

To begin playing, first choose if you want to play in the free practice mode or in the real money mode. We always suggest trying a few rounds out in practice mode, to assure that you are ready when you start to use real money.

When playing one of the most popular casino games on LesAcasino Australia, it is important to know what the main elements are that the game consists of. Basically, craps is all about the two dice and a puck. The main purpose of the puck is to designate if a game is being played any given moment. If the puck is showing the white side, it means a game is already in session and that a point number has already been rolled.

When playing online craps, the first thing to do is place your bet. There are three areas on the table that are designated for betting, these are: the Pass Line, the Don't Pass Line, and the Field. After you place your bets playing craps online, you will roll the dice. Your first roll is known as the Come Out Roll and you will immediately know if you have won or lost based on this roll. To win immediately and receive another roll and another chance to win, you must land on a 7 or an 11. However, a 2, 3, and 12 are numbers you will automatically lose one. These numbers are referred to as a crap.

If, when you are playing online craps, you roll any other number, the puck is flipped to white and you must roll the same number again, or a 7 to win the game. Play craps online at the best online gaming site around, Australia!

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