10's or Better

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The many different casino games at this site include exciting titles such as 2 Ways Royal and Deuces Wild, and you'll also be bowled over by games such as 10's or Better. This particular card game has some seriously high payoffs if you land a pair of Tens (hence its name), and you'll find yourself returning to this poker variant again and again.

Simple Rules of 10's or Better Video Poker

The rules of 10's or Better, video poker, could not be simpler. Pick the size of your bet, ask for the cards to be dealt by pressing the 'deal' button, and check out the five cards in your hand. Do you want to keep them all? Discard them all? Keep some and discard others? Ask yourself these questions as your main objective is create the very best five card poker hand played along the same poker rankings as regular poker. After your new cards have been dealt, the computer will automatically pay out your winnings according to the pay table. Sound simple? That's because it is!

The Importance of Tens in 10's or Better

As the title of this game suggests, the number ten in 10's or Better is extremely important. High payoffs begin when you land a pair of tens, and so you should really hang onto these guys if you are dealt them. The fact that winnings begin at tens and not with faces or aces is a great advantage of this game.

At LesaCasino.com Canada online casino, you also have the opportunity to double your money after winning at 10's or Better. How? Place a bet through the gamble feature of this game and make a simple guess. If your card is higher, you get double your money. But if you lose, you lose it all! Up for the challenge? Try out the gamble feature now and start collecting your winnings!

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Casino Manager: Susan Wood