How to Play Video Poker

Learning how to play video poker is fairly easy. Players should have no problem managing to master the video poker rules. The game is usually based on the poker game of five card draw, although players do not need to be poker players to be able to play video poker casino games.

The game is played by a player placing a wager. After this, players need to press the deal button. Five cards will appear on the screen, and the player will choose which of the cards to keep, and which to get rid of. The choices will be made in order to try and achieve the best poker hand possible, or a hand that fulfills special requirements of the version of the game being played. For each of the cards that the player wishes to retain, they should press the hold button located under the card they wish to keep. Once these choices have been made, the deal button should be pressed again. New cards will appear in the place of the discarded cards. At this point, either the online casino player has won the hand, or the round is over.

How to Play Video Poker with Many Choices

Although there are many different versions of online videopoker, essentially, they all follow the same basic rules. The differences between the game variations are mostly restricted to which card symbols are going to be used to make up the winning combinations for each version of the game. Some of the game variations come with special card combinations that are used in addition to the regular poker combinations. These will be used to make up winning hands too. Players who know how to play video poker’s basic game should find the variations both fun and easy to play.

How to Play Video Poker at Canada

There are a number of great versions of video poker to be found at Canada. Players can choose which version they would like to play once they have learned how to play video poker. Most will want to first try the free games version, however, those who are already poker players may choose to dive right in. Even if a player is an experienced poker player, it is worth checking out some video poker tips before beginning play. Although video poker is a fairly new game, video poker history provides for some interesting reading.

Casino Manager: Susan Wood