Joker Poker Canada is the place to play if you want to enjoy a great range of video poker games. Among the many different games you'll find are well known titles such as All American and 2 Ways Royal, as well as Joker Poker, the variant of this game which is played with a 52 card deck and follows the traditional rules of the game – with a twist! The single wild card in this game makes all the difference, giving you a superb advantage if you're lucky enough to land it.

Understanding Joker Poker Rules

Joker Poker rules are very similar to other casino games of this genre found at Canada. Like most casino games, this variation begins by having you place bets and then have five cards dealt to you. Pick which cards to discard and which to hang on to, with the objective being to make the best five card poker hand possible, based on traditional poker rankings. Once you've made that decision, have new cards dealt and see how well you do according to the pay table. So far, so good?

Then add the trump card of Joker Poker – if you land Joker, you're in luck as this is the game's wild card and could mean the difference between a mediocre poker hand and a great winning hand.

Another interesting rule of this game is that the lowest ranking hand is set of Kings, so anything else is worth discarding.

As an extra perk, this game also allows you to double your winnings through a cool gamble feature. Pick a card higher than the one dealt face down by the computer you could multiply your winnings by two. Does casino gaming action get any more exciting than this?

Play Joker Poker For Free

As with all games at this online casino, you get the super opportunity to try Joker Poker for free. The advantages of trying out the play-for-fun mode are huge. For one, you'll be able to test drive this variation of the game, get to know its rules and decide on your own strategy. By doing so, you'll boost your own confidence when playing the game, getting you to the peak of your performance and ready to hit the real money tables at Canada, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When you're ready to switch to real money, do so with the safe payment methods and you're set to go!

Casino Manager: Susan Wood