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Roulette, in its modern form, can be traced all the way back to 17th century France when the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal invented the wheel for the game. The game spread from Europe to America and has been a favourite casino game around the world since then. It is not surprising that when online casinos were launched in the mid-1990s, roulette was one of the main feature games available and it continues to be a favourite at online casinos, as well as at land based venues.

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Playing Roulette Online

The rules for online roulette are the same as the land-based version. It is important to be aware that there are many variations of the games and quality casinos such as LesACasino Canada offer a range of these variants. It is also important to understand the rules of the specific variant of online roulette you are playing as slight differences can affect the way you play the game. The aim of the game of roulette is to correctly bet on the number or group of numbers that a little ball spinning in the roulette wheel will land on.

To begin a game of roulette, you need to choose the size of your bet, place it on the type of bet you choose and then begin the wheel spinning. The little ball will spin in the roulette wheel and will come to a stop in one of the numbered slots when the wheel comes to rest. You will be paid out for any wins. When you play roulette online, this is all done simply with the click of some buttons.

Roulette tips and roulette rules are mere clicks away and can significantly boost your winning odds! Learning about roulette history will also boost your roulette IQ, and while the history itself may not contribute to your winnings, it will contribute to your overall appreciation and love for the roulette game.

The concept of “roulette odds” is a hotly debated subject that’s received the attention of statisticians, game developers, and players for centuries. Some believe that a series of spins can be analyzed and a formula can be extrapolated that players can then use to help them beat the odds of future spins. Conversely, others believe that each individual spin should be viewed on its own, and so no strategy can be extracted. We invite you to learn how to play roulette, to take advantage of our free roulette download, and to determine the tips and tricks of the game along with our experts!

Roulette at LesACasino Canada

When you play roulette online you will need to start by choosing the variation you are going to play. At LesACasino we offer American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, Premium French roulette, Premium American roulette, Premium European roulette, Premium roulette pro, mini roulette and 3D roulette. These are some of the best roulette online games available and they are all available via the games suite of LesACasino Canada. You can play free roulette online via the play money casino mode of our casino or real money roulette online via the real money casino mode.

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Roulette is just one of the more than 100 casino games available at our online casino. Other popular games include blackjack online, online slots, online craps, video poker and live casino games.

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