Video Poker Rules

Although there are variations of video poker games, the video poker rules are always similar in all the games. It is easy to learn how to play video poker as long as players learn some of the basics. Although video poker is a popular game, video poker history does not go back too far, which means that the nature of the game has essentially remained the same since it was created as a spin off from poker casino games. Players place a wager, and will then see five cards on the screen. Players choose which cards to keep, and click on hold underneath all those cards. Players will then press the draw or deal button to have their discarded cards replaced. Players need to get poker hands based on the hand ranks below.

Video Poker Rules and Hand Ranks

The hand ranks in online videopoker follow the same guidelines as the hand ranks in the poker game, five card draw. However, there are some slight adjustments for some of the hands depending on which version of video poker is being played. For example, the in popular online casino Jacks or Better game, players will find that the video poker rules for the pair are different. As the name makes quite clear, the pairs will only be accepted if they are of a value of at least Jack high, or better. This means that if a player has a pair that is below that value, it is not worth anything in the game.

The lowest hand rank is the pair. After the pair is Three of a Kind, which means that players need to get three cards of the same value. Four of a Kind works in the same way that Three of a Kind works, but needs four cards of the same value. When a player has five cards in consecutive number order in any suits, this is known as a Straight. A Flush is when a player has five cards that are in the same suit, but do not need to be in consecutive order. A Straight Flush means that the five cards are in the same suit and are in consecutive number order. A Royal Flush is a hand that contains five numbers in consecutive order in the same suit, with the number values being 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Some games will also include a Wild Royal Flush, which is the same as a regular Royal Flush, although there will be one wild card in place of one of the regular cards.

Video Poker Rules at Canada

The video poker rules at Canada follow the basic guidelines above, with changes for each variation. Players should follow some basic video poker tips when playing this game.

Casino Manager: Susan Wood