Online Casino Games

A popular pastime since ancient times, gambling and casino games make up part of the heritage and history of the world. All societies, ancient and modern, have enjoyed games for money as a form of entertainment, with the types of game rules and their rules changing in accordance with the available materials and manufacturing techniques.

Dice games, card games and table games have existed for many centuries, evolving over time; and now, with the convenience of the modern online casino, games have never been more popular or more accessible. Nowadays, the games offer many more benefits such as bonus rounds, casino bonuses and free spins or deals. These extras are all designed to enhance your overall experience and improve your chances of hitting a winning combination when you play, no matter which game you prefer.

  •  1.Casino Games History

    Evidence shows that gambling games have existed for as long as man has existed – with cave drawings and ancient artifacts uncovered during excavations of ancient civilizations all across the globe. Despite ever increasing popularity, participating in gambling games was usually restricted to the streets and private housing, until the 1600s when the Venetians decided to try and monitor their festival gambling activities with the first ever casino, The Ridotto. Ever since, the concept caught on, and gambling houses set up all around the world, creating the dizzying casino metropolises of Las Vegas and Macau that you see today.

    Advances in modern technology mean that you don’t have to live in these locations or spend a fortune on travel to enjoy your favourite casino games; you can now play online whenever and wherever it suits you – you just need a computer or mobile device and an internet connection to play.

  •  2.Casino Games Types

    There are a variety of games you can play at our online casino. Below you will find an overview of a few of the different types of game we have on offer, to help you get started with confidence.

    • Online Roulette: for a classic yet thrilling casino experience, try our Online Roulette games – you can expect fast-paced action, excellent graphics and an exciting betting system, whenever you want to play. Stakes start as low as $0.01, and the game is easy to learn and start playing; simply set your bet level, place your bets (you can place more than one if you wish), then spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, the virtual ball bearing will show the end result, and any winnings due to you will be paid out automatically.

    • Online Blackjack: for some of the most exciting online casino action around, try our range of online blackjack games. Your aim is to beat the dealer with the best possible Blackjack hand you can make. Go bust (gain a points total of over 21) or finish with a weaker hand than the dealer and you lose; but hit Blackjack and you’ll be paid out at 3:2. We offer a number of games based on this card games classic, including Live Blackjack, progressive games and Blackjack Switch.

    • Online Video Poker: a great choice for players who love poker but fancy a simpler and faster game, this is an intriguing mix of poker and slots. When you play online Video Poker, your aim is to make the best possible hand that you can, based on standard poker hand hierarchy – but you play alone, instead of against other players. Each game follows the same standard format, but the number of hands you can play, and the minimum hand that is paid out, varies from game to game.

    • Online Craps: If you fancy a bit of glitz and glamour, then online Craps is the game for you! Made ultra famous by its starring role in James Bond, this game has a complex betting system that provides you with a unique and multi-layered casino game. The bets can be placed on single and multiple rolls, across a variety of numbers if desired. To get the most out of your game, learn your bets and when they can be placed. Payouts range from even money to 30:1, making this game an exciting choice for all players.

    • Live Casino Games: for the most realistic online casino games experience around, why not try our Live Casino Games with a real live dealer? Streamed to your computer in real time using the very latest in video technology, our live games utilise the very best in online technology and combine it with the knowledge of our professional dealers to bring you a unique and enjoyable interactive experience like no other.

    • Scratch Cards: if you enjoy the thrill of scratch cards, you might like to try our online scratch card games – the web-based version of this global favourite. Offering a range of card designs and styles, our games are easy to follow and offer plenty of ways to win. See each scratch card for details on winning combinations and their corresponding payouts.

  •  3.Casino Games Glossary

    Below you can find some of the most common and useful terms that will help you to navigate our games software and play for real money. Make sure you familiarise yourself with these terms before you log in and play to get the most from your time at the tables or reels.

    Bet Max: This button enables you to play the maximum number of possible bets and activate the game in one move – this is particularly useful when you choose to play for progressive jackpots.

    Cashier: This is the money section of your account, for deposits and withdrawal requests.

    Cashout: To take your winnings from the casino and place them back into your bank account or other preferred payment method.

    Deposit: The option to add money to your bankroll via one of the many online payment methods we have on offer.

    Lobby: This area is where you can find the full list of online games available for you to play.

    Paytable: This table displays the various winning combinations available in your game, and how much each will pay out.

    Paytable: This table is available in every game and displays how much each winning combination will pay out.

    Progressive jackpot: An accumulative jackpot linked across multiple machines, which increases as players pay into the side bet. The jackpot amount is not fixed, and there is no maximum limit to the possible payout. The jackpot is triggered at random and resets, ready to accumulate immediately as soon as players continue playing.

    Withdrawals: This is when you remove your winnings from your casino account and transfer them back into your bank account or other preferred payment method.

  •  4.Open an account and play casino games for real money

    It’s easy to open a real money account and start playing with us. Start by clicking on ‘Play for Real Money’ and then click ‘Create Account’. Fill out the required details on the web form for identification and security purposes, and then read the terms and conditions before you click ‘Agree’ and then ‘Create’. As soon as your account is active, you can go to the Cashier and make an initial deposit to benefit from our special Welcome Bonus.

    You will find a wide range of deposit options, ranging from credit and debit cards to e-wallets; each is a trusted and secure option, chosen with your security in mind. Decide how much you would like to deposit, select your preferred payment method and follow your chosen provider’s instructions. You can also accept any available online casino bonus at this time – new players currently receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $1000!