Play Online Roulette

A classic yet simple online casino famed for its distinct wheel, roulette appeals to a variety of players. Its popularity stems from the game’s simple rules, multiple betting options with fast and fun gaming action. Roulette is a game that is easy to learn, but offers enough variation to provide quality entertainment over and over again.

Now available around the clock, thanks to the internet, online roulette offers players lots of added extras – players benefit from casino bonuses, 24-hour customer support, loyalty points and a whole host of other online casino games at the touch of a button. Boasting quality graphics and smooth animations, as well as a reliable gaming platform, our roulette games take this casino classic to another level.

  •  1.History of Roulette

    Originating in 17th century France, roulette quickly left the streets and became a staple addition in all physical and online casinos around the world. The geographical shifts and manufacturing developments over time created a huge number of game variants and game rules, creating one of the most entertaining, fair and exciting games around.

    The name roulette actually translates as ‘little wheel’ and was created when Pascal designed the first spinning wheel that could be used for gaming. This first wheel had pockets numbered 0-36, instead of numbered slots. Once American players adopted the game in the 1800s, an extra slot was added – the double zero (00). This created additional bets and altered the player’s odds and the house edge. By the turn of the twentieth century, roulette was one of the top casino games in the world.

    The rise of the internet enabled easier access, even more game variants and exciting new additions, such as live and progressive games. Players can play at their own speed without holding up other players at the table and can change options to match their own personal tastes and preferences. As games became available around the clock, without any need to queue, online roulette became one of the world’s No. 1 forms of online entertainment.

  •  2.Odds

    When you play online roulette, your odds of winning depend upon many factors, including the game variation that you play and the bets that you place. The variations matter because of the wheel type and the corresponding bets that are available.

    European and French Roulette offer players the same odds of winning, because they both use a single zero (0) wheel. However, many players would argue that French Roulette has a slight advantage because of the extra ‘La Partage’ rule that is not present in the European version. This rule allows you to receive half of your stake back if you bet on the odd/even option and the wheel ends on the zero.

    Mini Roulette games have fewer betting options available because of its reduced size, so this game offers higher odds of winning. Meanwhile, the extra double zero (00) on American Roulette wheels means that players have lower odds of winning certain bets e.g. a straight number or column bet because the zeros cancel out any number bet. With two zero slots on the wheel, the house has a slightly higher edge. However, the extra zeros create an equal probability chance of achieving the colour, even/odd, low (1-18) and high (19-36) bets – so it’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons and decide which game variant you would prefer to play.

  •  3.Game Rules

    To play online roulette, set your chip value by clicking on the chips you wish to use and then place your bets on the table. Each click will add one chip at a time and you can correct mistakes by hitting ‘Clear’ to start again. The roulette betting table displays most of the possible bets you can make, but there are also other bets to discover. Hover over the corner of groups of numbers and move around the table to see various options pop up. You can also read about the various bet types in our comprehensive glossary section below.

    When all your bets are in place, hit ‘Spin’ to set the ball in motion and wait to see whether the outcome of the game matches your prediction. Any winnings that you have secured are automatically added to your bankroll by our software. All winning bets are highlighted by our software and your bankroll is visible at all times at the bottom of your screen.

  •  4.Popular Games

    French Roulette: Using a single zero (0) wheel, this variant boasts additional rules such as ‘La Partage’ (this means that if you bet on odds or evens and the game ends on the zero, you only lose half of your stake, with the other half automatically returned to your bankroll).

    Premium Roulette Pro: There are lots of features in Premium Roulette Pro for you to enjoy, such as a racetrack view, extra statistics on display, the ‘Double’ feature which allows you to double your previous bet, as well as the ‘Voisins du Zero’ option.

    Premium French Roulette: Boasting enhanced graphics and animations, as well as increased in-game information, play Premium French Roulette if you want to benefit from a state-of-the-art online game that also offers extra betting opportunities, such as ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’.

    Premium American Roulette: As well as the extra double zero (00) slot, this Premium American Roulette game boasts a multiplayer option, improved graphics and a history tracker that displays all the results of spins so far. This is a much more vibrant and exciting experience than the standard game.

    Premium European Roulette: This is an excellent choice for all types of player because of its generous odds of winning, enhanced animations, in-game statistics, a ‘Double’ option and the chance to save bets to make your game easier to play. 

    Mini Roulette: Available only online and for real money, this is a condensed version of the classic game that uses a wheel numbered from 1-12 with a single zero (0). There are fewer betting options on offer, so the payouts are lower, but on the plus side the house edge is reduced. Overall, this is a fast, fun and exciting game if you fancy something a little different.

  •  5.Game Buttons Information

    When you play online roulette using our software, you need to understand the various buttons that you encounter. This is a quick overview to help you get started:

    Cashier: Go here to make your deposits and cash out your winnings.

    Clear Bets: This button removes all bets you have placed on the table if you make a mistake and want to start again – you can only use it before you have pressed ‘Spin’.

    Download Full Casino: If you are using your browser to play, you will have this option available. It enables you to download the casino software to your computer and experience an improved online gaming session.

    Play For Real Money: If you are playing in Practice Mode, you can click on this to open a Real Money account and play for cash.

    Rebet: This button automatically duplicates the previous bets that you made.

    Spin: This button spins the ball around the roulette wheel.

  •  6.Glossary of Useful Roulette Terms

    Understanding the meaning of these common terms will help you to play your favourite roulette games:

    Colour bet: Bet on either a black or red number to win for the chance to win even money.

    Column bet: Bet on a column of six numbers, by placing your chips at the far end of the betting table, for the chance to win a payout of 2:1.

    Corner bet: A wager on four numbers, clumped together in a square shape. Place your chip in the centre corner of the four numbers to indicate your bet for the chance to win an 8:1 payout.

    Dozen bet: A wager across 12 numbers in total with a 2:1 payout attached – you only need to hit one of those numbers to win.

    High/low bet: Paying out at even money, this is a bet on half of the possible numbers on the wheel – you have a choice of betting on either 1-18 or 19-36.

    Line bet: A bet on any six numbers – the numbers must form two rows of three on the board - that pays out at a generous 5:1.

    Odd/even bet: Predict whether the number will be odd or even for an even money payout.

    Split bet: A bet across two numbers, indicated by placing your chip in the centre line – this pays a massive 17:1 if you get one of the numbers comes up.

    Straight bet: A single number bet that pays 35:1, probably the best known bet in roulette because of its high payout.

    Street bet: A wager on any three numbers in a line, which offers an 11:1 reward.

    Triple bet: This bet across three numbers pays out at 11:1 – you only need to hit one of your chosen numbers to win.

  •  7.Opening an Account and Play For Real Money

    To open your account, click on the Play For Real Money button on our website and complete the form by inputting some basic information. Read and accept the terms and conditions before you click ‘Create’.

    Once your account is activated, head to the Cashier to make an initial deposit. Choose from our wide range of deposit methods, such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards and online E-wallets, and once your funds show in your bankroll, you can hit the online roulette tables and enjoy playing your favourite real money games. If you are a new player, you are also eligible for a Welcome Bonus of $1000 – simply opt in to the bonus when you make your initial deposit.