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When people think about roulette, most often they are thinking about French Roulette. And why not, as this game was invented by two French brothers numerous centuries ago!

French Roulette

The rules of French Roulette are almost exactly the same as Classic Roulette. Players are asked to place bets, the online roulette wheel is spun, and the ball lands on a number on the wheel between one and 36 or even 0.

Keep in mind that French Roulette does offer the La Partage rule, which provides a little extra boost – if players place an even bet and the ball lands on the 0, the players only lose half of their initial bet.

French Roulette has a few other special features as well, known as “call bets” – Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, Third of the Wheel, Finales en Plein, and Finales a Cheval.

Quick fact: French Roulette was in fact an accidental discovery by Blaise Pascal in 1655 who was trying to invent a machine with perpetual motion. His idea became the basis of the roulette wheel more than 200 years later by two brothers from France. Today, the roulette wheel is the most iconic symbol of the casino online.

How is French Roulette Different from Classic Roulette?

French Roulette is synonymous with Classic Roulette, meaning that when players pick French Roulette, they are actually picking the classic version of this popular online casino game. French Roulette retains superiority over the other available versions of roulette as roulette was first created in France. The only differences that still remain among French Roulette and its classic counterpart (European Roulette) are the use of call bets and the La Partage rule.

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