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Mini Roulette plays just as it sounds – it is a miniature casino games online version of the classic game of roulette. Players are still required to place bets on the roulette table, spin the wheel, and watch as they hope that the roulette ball falls on the number. But rather than the roulette wheel going up to 36, this roulette wheel only plays until 12. While the betting options, for the most part, remain the same, instead of the dozens bets, players can place a bet on the first three, second three, or third three set of numbers.

Mini Roulette

How is Mini Roulette Different from Classic Roulette?

Mini Roulette is exactly like Classic Roulette in terms of how the overall game is played. The only difference is that Mini Roulette plays only numbers one through 12, while Classic Roulette plays numbers one through 36. This means the odds of Mini Roulette vary greatly from its classic counterpart and it also changes up the house’s edge over the game.

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