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If you’d like a fun and rewarding game that’s a unique combination of slots and a simplified poker, then try our real money video poker games today. Enjoyed by many players because of its simple rules and pleasing graphics, online video poker offers a number of game styles and variations to keep things interesting.

You can choose from a number of paylines of hands to play, ranging from 4-line games like Deuces Wild, to 50-payline games such as Joker Poker, and including everything in between. Created specifically to be played online, using state of the art technology and game design to provide the best experience possible, you’re guaranteed great fun and entertainment.

  •  1.History of video poker

    Video poker was first created in the 1970s, when technology had advanced far enough for such a game to be created. It started as a physical machine using a TV-style monitor, and has now progressed to one of the most varied games available online, with its progressive jackpots, double- and half double-your-money features, and a payout system based on standard poker hand hierarchy.

    Once video poker hit the casino floor, it came as a welcome relief for those players who were tired of slots but felt intimidated by the competition and action at the table games. Appealing to those looking for something new, as well as those looking for a simplified version of poker that didn’t have to be played long into the night, it soon began to rival slots as the number one game for players in Vegas.

    There was a slight problem however – land-based video poker machines were expensive to buy and expensive to run, and this was reflected in the high minimum stakes on the machines. This alienated many players, but this barrier was removed once the games moved into the realm of the online casino and could be played via the internet. Online video poker made this casino game available for all types of players, with games available around the clock.

    In addition, stakes were lowered, prizes were higher, and there was a range of online casino games bonuses available that could help players’ casino bankrolls stretch further and provide an even better overall experience. The game quickly increased in popularity and became a top favourite among players looking for this type of exciting online entertainment.

  •  2.Odds

    There is no 100% foolproof method of winning when you play any casino game – by nature, these are games of chance, and so an element of risk is always present. However, there are certain things you can be aware of that could make that will help you to improve your odds against making unnecessary mistakes. These small changes are simple to take on board but can make a big difference to the quality of your game.

    Firstly, you need to be aware of your game’s minimum and maximum table limits before you sit down to play, as this will give you an idea of whether the game suits your casino bankroll. You also need to take into account the various winning combinations for each game. Some games have more winning combinations, giving you more chances to hit a payout, but the higher odds are reflected in the payouts as there are smaller payouts across the board. The paytable will provide you with all the information you need, displaying the potential winning combinations that are paid out on your chosen game.

    Take note of special bonuses and features, such as wild cards. These useful cards will substitute for any other in the game, giving you more ways to snag a payout. With wild cards in action, the number of cards in the deck is less of a consideration, so you immediately increase your odds of hitting a winning hand when you choose a game that has wild cards.

  •  3.Game rules

    Online video poker games may seem to vary widely, but in fact they are all based on the same basic premise. Other than the odd special feature, it is mainly just their design and look and feel that is different. But if you’re looking for something special, some of the most popular games played online are multi-hand and progressive video poker games, as these each have something extra to offer.

    Multi-hand games allow you to play several games simultaneously, so you can get faster results and enjoy a more action-packed game. Progressive games offer an extremely generous side jackpot to play for – entry into this jackpot requires an extra fixed-price side bet. Progressive jackpots are linked across multiple games, and their prize amount rises as players pay into the side bet – this can amount to some of the richest payouts available online.

    The aim of any video poker game is to try and make the best possible five-card poker hand you can, based on standard Texas Hold ‘em hand hierarchy. It is a solitary game, and you play against the house, not other players. Start by setting your coin-level using the + and – buttons or arrow buttons, and then hit Deal to receive your cards. When your cards are dealt, any winning card combinations will be highlighted, along with the cards that our software suggests you hold.

    Press the Hold button directly below the card you wish to keep to show your hold preferences, and then hit Deal again. You will now receive your second and final round of cards. You can play one hand at a time or play multiple hands in a row using our AutoPlay feature – and any winning hands will be automatically paid out to your casino bankroll.

  •  4.Game buttons information

    These are the software buttons that you need to be aware of so you can start playing. Note: not all of the buttons are always available; they may only become available in the middle of the game when triggered.

    Bet Max: This button is extremely useful, especially when you play progressive games, as it will activate all possible lines – and any optional side bet – as well as set the deal in motion. Simply set your coin-level and hit Bet Max to use this feature.

    Bet One: Use this button to activate one single payline at a time. When your bets are placed and you are ready to play, hit Deal.

    Collect: Use this button to collect your winnings/payout when you hit a winning combination.

    Double: This gamble feature gives you the chance to double up your winnings. If you choose to take the double feature, you are shown a single face-up card. Click on one of the face down cards next to this card, and if your selection is higher in value than the face up card, you win. Otherwise, you lose everything from that round.

    Double half: The same as Double, only you are opting to just gamble half your winnings on the bonus game, with the other half returned to your casino bankroll.

    Hold: Hold the cards of your choice using this button – each click will hold the card directly above the hold button.

    Deal: This button gets the game going, and you will receive your cards as soon as it is pressed.

  •  5.Glossary

    As well as the games buttons, there are a number of commonly used terms that you need to familiarise yourself with to help you navigate the casino and our software.

    Cashier: Go this section of the casino to perform all monetary transactions – cashouts, bonuses and deposits are all managed in this area and this is also where you will be able to view all of your transaction history.

    Multi-hand: This type of game is only available online and enables you to play lots of hands at the same time during any round.

    Payline: You can play multiple hands on our video poker games, and each activated payline is eligible for a payout if you hit a winning combination.

    Progressive jackpot: This jackpot is linked to a number of games, and increases its jackpot prize as players pay into the optional side bet. If triggered, the amount won is the amount showing on the jackpot counter at the time of winning.

    Wild: This card replaces other cards on the machine to increase your chances of completing a winning hand.

  •  6.Opening an account and play for real money

    If you want to open a real money account at LesAcasino,com, the whole process is fast, easy, and hassle-free. Start by clicking on the ‘Play for Real Money’ button and then fill out the details you are asked for on the web form. We use this information for your account security, so you can rest assured your information is safe with us. Continue by reading the terms and conditions before clicking on the ‘Agree’ option, and then hit ‘Create’. Once your account is successfully activated, you can head to the Cashier to deposit funds into your casino bankroll.

    For your convenience, we offer a variety of deposit options, ranging from credit and debit cards to e-wallets. We offer only trusted and secure options, maintaining the highest possible security for you at all times. Simply specify which method you would like to use, how much you want to deposit, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You can also accept any available online casino bonuses – such as our Welcome Bonus of up to $1000 – and as soon as the funds show in your casino bankroll, you can hit the real money video poker reels.