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The way we play classic slot games has really advanced over the past years. It used to be that you would only be able to play the slot when you went out to a casino, but nowadays you can play from anywhere there's a computer. The classic slots theme and symbols used to be the fun colored fruit, but now you have some of your favourite blockbuster classics that have been remade into a slot game. A great example is the Gladiator online slots.

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Gladiator is not the only comic and movie themed game we offer on our online casino you'll find others like Daredevil or Blade. The Gladiator slot online casino game will really exceed all expectations with its story line, graphics and sound effects.

Gladiator Symbols

You'll find on our Gladiator slot some of your favorite characters from the film. There's Princess Lucilla, Commodus, Juba, Marcus Aurelius and Proximo. The Gladiator himself, Russel Crow's face is not there, but it's represented by a masked gladiator who is depicted in the movie.

How to Play Gladiator Slots

Gladiator is a five reel, twenty five line slot game with bonus rounds and great visual effects. The mask of the Gladiator is a bonus symbol and when it comes up on lines two, three or four on the reel it can replace any of the other symbols besides the scatter. There's also a great Coliseum bonus that triggers the scatter and it gives you quite a nice payout. There are other great bonuses you can get with all the other characters when you spin the reel and they fall out in two or three of a kind combinations. These combinations can even have a jackpot payout of up to five thousand dollars. When you spin a winning combination you will have a chance to double or half double your winnings.

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