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Multi spin slots is a forever evolving game. What was once a person pulling a heavy crank at a brick and mortar casino has now become something even more exciting.

Multi Spin Slots Basics

It used to be a challenge to hop around from slot machine to slot machine playing multiple slots at once hoping to increase your chances of winning. This is a tiresome and outdated method. The updated method of multi spin slots is so easy you have to look back and laugh at how ridiculous people were doing their run around.

How to Choose Your Multi Spin Slots

Most multi spin slot games have three reels that consist of one pay line per row which have three, five or ten rows. These category games have those classic slot symbols like the popular fruit. Once you have decided which game you want to play, you will decide your wager in advance and your total coin bet is the amount of lines multiplied by the bet per line. That's the game in a nutshell. Now all you need to do is spin the wheel with a click of your mouse and you will be able to spin the multiple reels.

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Choose your game and decide on your money wager. Now it's time to understand what your options are. What will help you understand your options in the game will be to start by reading the payout chart. The greatest advantage in this game is that there are extra special features.

If you are playing a three reel game with ten rows and one pay line each, your initial spin can be set to only spin one of the rows. Here comes the special feature- you can hold multiple symbols from your first spin so that on your next spin, when you are spinning all the slot reels above while the symbol(s) of your choice is held in place in all the previously spun rows. These two spins will count as only one coin and with this you have ten times the chance of winning because you held that symbol down. Winning up to ten times on one coin – what could be better?!