Try your luck with Online scratch cards

One of the newest additions to the world of online casino games, and also one of the easiest to learn and play, online scratch cards are an exciting alternative to some of the casino classics. With a variety of themes and plenty of potential rewards, scratch cards offer a fast and thrilling game, with quick results and lots of different styles to choose from.

Available twenty four hours a day, these scratch cards are a great way to spend time playing with a casino bonus – we currently offer all our new players a Welcome Bonus of up to $1000 when they sign up and play for real money today.

  •  1.History of scratch cards

    The first scratch card type game appeared in 1974 when Scientific Games Corporation invented the first computer generated ticket. More lottery-esque in style than today’s modern tickets, it was an instant success. Fourteen years later, the patent for the first scratch-off lottery ticket was secured by a company called ‘Astro Med’, based in Rhode Island, and the modern scratch card game as you know it was created.

    Like today’s game, the original scratch card required players to scratch off symbols to reveal if they had won a prize. Prizes were usually won by matching three or more symbols, with more symbols or symbols of a higher rank awarding a bigger prize. All scratch cards had the same basic rules, but differed in terms of their look and feel and the size of the prizes they could award. Scratch cards grew in popularity across the globe, thanks to their simplicity and promise of big rewards, and are now a global phenomenon.

    Online casino scratch cards have made things even more exciting, with more games available around the clock and the overall game enhanced by exciting animation and graphics, as well as even bigger prizes. Some scratch cards boast an optional side progressive jackpot to play for, offering some of the richest rewards available online.

  •  2.Odds & scratch card Ssrategy

    Online scratch cards are games of chance, so there is no 100% way to improve your odds of winning, but you can make a few simple changes to the way you play to increase your edge and enhance your overall casino experience.

    Choose the right level for you: Statistically, the more you play, the more chances you have to win, so don’t set your coin amount too high if you want to maximise your online games experience. Keep your bets as low as you can for more scratch card games action and improved odds of hitting a winning combination. Be aware of how much you’re betting at all times so that you stay within sensible limits for your casino bankroll.

    Take advantage of promotions: There are a variety of special offers and promotions available for both new and returning players, so check our promotions page to see whether any appeal to you and suit the way you play. You can also sign up to our promotional emails to receive the most relevant offers for you direct to your inbox. Casino bonuses are designed to provide you with extra funds and enhance your playing time by giving you extra cash to play with – but make sure you read the terms and conditions before you sign up.

    Keep track of your winnings: Decide how much you want to play before you start and then stick to your original plan.

    Don’t fall foul of ‘foolproof strategies’: There are a multitude of so-called foolproof strategies out there that claim to increase your winning potential, but be wary. Scratch cards are a game of chance and so following these strategies may prove more harmful than beneficial to your casino bankroll. The best way to improve your odds and enhance your overall online scratch cards experience is to make sound decisions when betting, so your casino bankroll remains healthy and your time playing is enjoyable.

    Stick to these simple tips and you may have a better all-round time playing your favourite online scratch card games.

  •  3.Game rules

    Playing online scratch cards is easy – simply choose the design that appeals to you the most, check the upper and lower limits of the card cost and whether that suits your casino bankroll, and then click on the card to start the game. Some scratch cards will give you a fan of cards to choose from. Click on one and you’re ready to play.

    First, set your card value, and then scratch off the hidden symbols either one at a time or all in one go. The paytable will display your potential winning combinations and how much each pays. When you have scratched off all the symbols, compare the end result to the paytable to see whether – and how much – you’ve won. Our software will also do this automatically for you, and will automatically place your winnings into your casino bankroll.

  •  4.Game buttons information

    These are the buttons you need to familiarise yourself with to be able to play our online scratch card games:

    AutoPlay: This button allows you to set up our software so that you can watch a number of scratch card games (usually up to 50) play out. Set your coin-level, specify how many games, then sit back, relax and watch the results. Any winnings are accumulated and automatically added to your casino bankroll.

    Card Value: This is where you set the bet amount for your next scratch card round.

    Scratch one: Use this to scratch one symbol at a time – you can also click on the various hidden symbols to scratch them off individually.

    Scratch all: Use this button to scratch off all the hidden symbols in one go and reveal whether you have won a prize.

    Shuffle: This allows you to shuffle your cards before you play to select a new one.

  •  5.Glossary of useful terms

    Whenever you play online casino games, you will come across a number of frequently used terms that are relevant to your game and our software. These are a few of the most common terms for you to familiarise yourself with before you get started.

    Card Value: This is the amount that you are staking on your next scratch card betting round – you pay one card value for every card.

    Cashier: This is the area where all monetary transactions are carried out, including bonuses, deposits and cashouts.

    Cashout: When you remove your winnings from your casino bankroll and place them into your bank account or other preferred payment method, this is known as a cashout or cashing out.

    Deposit: Add funds to your casino bankroll via one of the many trusted and secure payment methods we offer.

    Lobby: This is the area where you can access all of your favourite online games – the online equivalent of the casino floor.

    Payout: This is the amount of money awarded for hitting a specific winning combination.

    Paytable: This table shows on your screen and displays the various winning combinations that are possible in your chosen game, as well as the amount that each will pay out.

    Progressive jackpot: This accumulative jackpot is linked across multiple games, and the jackpot amount on offer increases every time a player pays into the progressive side bet. The jackpot amount has no upper limit, making this a favourite with many of our players.

    Wager: An alternative word for a bet – with scratch cards, your card value is your wager.

    Welcome Bonus: This is a sum of money that is awarded to your casino bankroll, adding to your funds so you can enjoy extra time playing your favourite online scratch card games. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before accepting.

  •  6.Opening an account and play for real money

    Opening your real money account at is quick and easy, and will take only moments to do. Start by clicking on Play for Real button on one of our web pages, and then fill out the simple web form with the required details. This information is required for security and identification purposes only and is used to secure and protect your account. Next, read and then agree to the terms and conditions before clicking on Create to activate your account. To play real money games, you also need to make a deposit so that you have a casino bankroll to play with.

    To deposit funds into your account, log in and head to the Cashier section. Choose form one of the many deposit options we have on offer, stipulate how much you would like to deposit, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. If you would like to accept our Welcome Bonus of up to $1,000, click Accept once the option pops up on your screen. Once your expected funds show in your account, you can play our games - including your favourite online scratch cards.